Reclaim Your Space

Maybe your home is a fairly small one. Maybe it's a big one. Either way, expanding to the outside is an option many people overlook. Leaving a couple folding chairs outside may not be inviting enough. If we have to compete with computers, 3D worlds, and all the online media, it seems as if we really need to make the real outside world especially attractive. 


Books like "Last Child In The Woods" by Richard Louv detail how younger generations have lost touch with the outdoors just beyond their own back door. It seems that many adults have as well. According to Healthline, medical conditions like back problems are increasing, especially among the young adult population. Social and emotional skills seem to be eroding as well. We are facing an unprecedented detachment from the outdoors and even our own physical natures. The solutions are multi-faceted. They don't have to involve a long trip into the mountains with backpacks and bug spray, though they can. The solution starts right in our own backyards. 


Developing the space we already own means going where the grass is waiting for us to curl our toes in it. The sun is ready to shine down on our skin. The wind will ruffle our hair and the sounds of birds will not be digitized. Providing the welcoming atmosphere outside for our families and friends can take some thought, but many of us are well on our way. With a swimming pool, or a BBQ, or just a porch and a chair, we have begun reclaiming our space, our time, and our natures. Athena Outdoor Designs has the products that will add the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for those who come blinking out into the sunlight. With gorgeous chairs like the Giantex Hanging Chaise Lounger, who could resist stepping outside for some fresh air and a bit of free time? 


Add some irresistible lounging fun with the Large Black Steel Outdoor Fire Pit so that individuals can enjoy the beauty and warmth of a fire in a stylish setting. The cutouts of animals seem to move among the flames as if they too were drawn to the cozy fire pit and its friendly setting. 


Technology is a great thing, just to be clear. It's even welcome on the porch. The bad news is that we have sometimes let it take over too many aspects of our lives. The good news is that at Athena Outdoor Designs we have the tools to make your invitation to the outside irresistible. By creating a special outside place you not only reclaim a neglected yard or porch, but you draw your family (maybe just yourself?) away from the electric cords, flickering screens, and isolation from both nature and others. 

Help your family open up their horizons beyond the next game level. Create a beautiful space using Athena Outdoor Designs. 

Laura Quill

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