Does Unnatural Blue Light Make You Sick?

Do you work in front of a computer, or use your phone for 24 hours and 7 days a week?  Do you like to relax in the evening with a good sitcom or use your favorite applications on your Ipad?  In today's world, it is difficult to go for very long without our technical devices.  Trying to avoid them during vacation or the holidays is even a feat by itself.  Today, 77% or more of the American population own a smartphone of some type. This percentage is way up from the 2011 number of 35%, according to Pew Research Center's first survey on smartphone usage. Not all good things have come with this increase in the use of technology.  Although blue light is beneficial for attention, reaction times, and mood, it has some drawbacks as well.  It is proposed that the blue light of our beloved technical devices and TVs are making us sick, hungry, and tired.  This blue light may lead to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  It can also trigger us to eat more, which in turn contributes to the overweight crisis. 

In the link below, Dr. Gundry describes some of the hunger problems.

Since the beginning of man, natural sunlight has always been in good supply. Working outdoors and being in the sunlight was the norm, not the exception.  With no distractions like TV, Facebook, or YouTube, people went outside and enjoyed the companionship of their friends and families.  Humans made time to be outside in the fresh air and were healthier for it.

According to Harvard Medical School, blue light greatly affects your sleep.  Blue light, especially at night, disrupts our circadian rhythm.  This lack of sleep can be very serious.  It can cause negative effects on memory, an inability to repair the body’s tissues, a lack of creativity, reduced immune system response, inflammation, abnormal hormone levels, and an increase in body fat levels.  Your body naturally enjoys blue light, which also makes it harder to stop using your devices to get some much-needed rest.  Any kind of light can suppress the secretion of melatonin, but blue light does so for twice as long as a green light.  It has twice the effect on your circadian rhythm as well. 

Here are some solutions to the problems of blue light:  Get outside and enjoy the daytime sunlight, plan a meal outside, or be adventurous and go on a picnic.  You can get tables, chairs, gazebos, and decorations from Athena Outdoor Designs to make it special. Put down your devices and play some games with friends, take your furry friends for a walk, or ride a bike.  If you need bike gearclothes, or pet accessories, Athena Outdoor Designs has you covered!  Don't use devices which create blue light in the 2 to 3 hours before you go to sleep. Instead, use red lights at night.  Check out our vintage retro Edison light bulbs for that warming non-blue light. We also have blue light blocking glasses that are great for when you have to use your devices at night, or for extended times.  We also have children’s versions available.

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